Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Homage to urban outfitters/Be gone Halifax goblin


Although only three weeks and two days have passed since I received my student loan, due to unexplainable costs and expenditures, I have no other option but to conclude that there must be some small goblin creature sitting in Halifax's vault nabbing my dollar, (this I assure you is the truth, the same thing has happened to my friends and their loans) and thus I no longer have the resources to purchase any of the items featured.. Fl/hl

I thought this was a bit interesting? Reusable/Repositionable wipe clean wallpaper so as soon as you get bored you can move it round the room/house/squat... Definite win.

But as much as I love Urban outfitters £45 is not an amount I would be readily parted with in exchange for what is effectively a white washed picture frame (charity shops across the country, 50p) and some Blackboard paint (£3.70 for 250ml).
If anyone knows anyone who has purchased this, please take their money off them, they're obviously not dealing with life very well.

Obscenities of a homosexual nature..

Last week a US supermarket censored an issue of US weekly because it had a picture of Elton John, his husband and their new born baby (Zachary).
Here is the happy family :)
I thought it was horrific the store decided to this due to 'several customer complaints' and to 'protect youngsters', however it was soon removed it due to the outcry it caused. However what I found to be more disturbing were that the most highly rated comments on the post were in favour of such homophobic censoring! The worst rated comments on the site, strangely enough, are those condoning such a horrific attitude and calling for equality, really America? Welcome to the modern world.
check it out..