Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Homage to urban outfitters/Be gone Halifax goblin


Although only three weeks and two days have passed since I received my student loan, due to unexplainable costs and expenditures, I have no other option but to conclude that there must be some small goblin creature sitting in Halifax's vault nabbing my dollar, (this I assure you is the truth, the same thing has happened to my friends and their loans) and thus I no longer have the resources to purchase any of the items featured.. Fl/hl

I thought this was a bit interesting? Reusable/Repositionable wipe clean wallpaper so as soon as you get bored you can move it round the room/house/squat... Definite win.

But as much as I love Urban outfitters £45 is not an amount I would be readily parted with in exchange for what is effectively a white washed picture frame (charity shops across the country, 50p) and some Blackboard paint (£3.70 for 250ml).
If anyone knows anyone who has purchased this, please take their money off them, they're obviously not dealing with life very well.

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